Hip Hop Top 20 Songs

1- Black And Yellow
Album: Half Baked
Artist: Wiz Khalifa

2- Just A Dream
Album: 5.0
Artist: Nelly

3- I Am Single
Album: The Return Of The Leak
Artist: Lil Wayne

4- No Love Ft. Lil Wayne
Album: Detox
Artist: Eminem

5- I Dont Like
Album: Dedication 4 Mixtape
Artist: Lil Wayne

6- Nothing Without Her
Album: 5.0
Artist: Nelly

7- Not Ready
Album: Black And Yellow
Artist: Wiz Khalifa

8- Waka Waka
Album: Skyrock CD 1
Artist: Shakira

9- Voices of Apocalypse
Album: A World With No Skies
Artist: Slaine

10- Kim
Album: Marshall Mathers
Artist: Eminem

11- I Am On It
Album: Black And Yellow
Artist: Wiz Khalifa

12- Fly With Me (Vee Remix)
Album: Fly With Me (With All Remixes)
Artist: Mumzy Stranger

13- We Will Rock You
Album: Deep Fried Satisfied
Artist: Claude Hay

14- Invincible
Album: All Shapes & Disguises
Artist: Tonight Alive

15- .Aston Martin Music Feat Drake
Album: Richy Rozay
Artist: Rick Ross

16- Heavenly Father
Album: The Darkside Vol 1
Artist: Fat Joe

17- Late
Album: White & Yellow
Artist: Yo Gotti

18- All A Dream
Album: Trill O G (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: Bun B

19- Taking My Ball
Album: Road to Recovery
Artist: Eminem

20- Zooper Dooper
Album: Zooper Dooper
Artist: Jim Noir

21- Elevator
Album: I Am Marshall
Artist: Eminem

22- So Real
Album: Fully Grown
Artist: Frisco

23- Arkhangelsk
Album: We Are The Void
Artist: Dark Tranquility

24- Te Amo
Album: Skyrock CD 2
Artist: Rihanna

25- Super High Feat. Ne Yo
Album: Carlo Gambino
Artist: Rick Ross

26- Champion
Album: No Days Off
Artist: Rock City

27- You Got Me
Album: Greatest Hits CD1
Artist: Erykah Badu

28- High Timez
Album: Will Never Die
Artist: Brokencyde

29- I Cant Dance
Album: Nasty As I Wanna Be
Artist: Dirt Nasty

30- Pools
Album: How Come I Am Dead
Artist: Hot Panda

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