Kuchh Dil Ne Kaha [Various]
Imtihaan [Dr Anil Sharma]
The Master And His Magic [Jagjit Singh]
Tere Bayaan Ghalib CD-1 [Jagjit Singh]
Tere Bayaan Ghalib CD-2 [Jagjit Singh]
Aasihiyana [Pankaj Udhas]
Awaargi [Ghulam Ali]
Berukhi [Hariharan]
Ek Mehfil [Chandan Dass]
Deewangi [Chandan Dass]
Tamanna [Chandan Dass]
Aaraish Vol - 2 (Live) [Chandan Dass]
Aaraish Vol - 1 (Live) [Chandan Dass]
Nishaniyaan [Chandan Dass]
Kitne Hi Rang [Chandan Dass]

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