Soulshaker Returns [Dj Reme]
Reborn Vol 2 [Dj Vikas]
Unsorted Vol.2 [Various]
Desilicious 62 [DJ Shadow Dubai]
Varbassia VOL 2 [DJ Varsha]
Desilicious 61 [DJ Shadow Dubai]
Double Trouble Vol 6 [Dj Ravish]
Aftermorning Chillouts Vol 2 [Aftermorning Productions]
Dance Invasion Vol 1 [DJ Sevix]
Latest DJ Mixes (May-June 2015) - CD 2 [ Dj Rishabh]
D Effect 5 [DJ DHARAK]
Biggest Pop Hits Vol 1 [Amir Saleem]
Desilicious 60 [DJ Shadow Dubai]
Love Mania Episode 1 [DJ Sidh]
Incredible Vol 1 [DJ Raxit]

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