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Mirza [Sidhu Moose Wala,ProdGK] verfied song
Tere Bin Kive [Ramji Gulati]
Vasdi Je Hove Gal [Maninder Maan]
Chandigarh [Surjit Khan] verfied song
Ke Ke Challenge [Jimmy Mahal] verfied song
Behind The Back [Rick E Boparai]
High Thoughts [Vijay Brar]
Trend High [Jandu Yaar]
Jigriaa Yaara [Jimmy Kaler,Shipra Goyal] verfied song
Jatt Mind [Inder Kaur] verfied song
Khabar [Akash Narwal]
Ulambhe [Sangram Hanjra] verfied song
Bambi (Rewind) [Elly Mangat] verfied song
Dhamak Bass 2 [Sony Maan,Mukh Mantri]
Nain Tere [B Praak] verfied song

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